in the Project Room: go on till you come to the end

Christopher Jagmin
paintings, drawings, and findings

Over the past year, Christopher Jagmin has been experimenting with unconventional materials like roofing paper and found cardboard to construct stories of what it means to live right now in this world. These messy friezes are packed with memories, history, triumph, sadness, color, beauty, decay, energy, humor, and urgency.

jagmin nearing the border
Christopher Jagmin, nearing the border of the glorious and the conquered (excerpt)
gouache on roofing paper
60 x 40 inches

in the main gallery: 60,30,15 … mélange

John Randall Nelson
60,30,15 … mélange
60 years old.
30 artworks.
15 years advocacy.
Mélange, an assortment.

I turn 60 in May, so it’s a good time to review my art practice and some of the happenings that have occurred along the way. 30 past and recent works will be exhibited concurrently (15 at Gebert Contemporary in Scottsdale and 15 at Eye Lounge in Phoenix). The 30 pieces exhibited are, in part, a survey, a chronology, and a prospective.

Opening night performance, January 15th: Bucky’s Experimental Instrumentations is John Randall Nelson, Alan Jones and Joe Willie Smith. The noise band features open improvisation using artist designed instruments, found objects and found sounds.